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I’m interested in working with Cannon Survey Center for a project.
How do we get started?

Cannon Survey Center will work with you through all phases of your survey project. From project planning, to survey setup, to data collection and reporting, Cannon is an essential resource for UNLV’s research community.

Project Life Cycle:

Step 1: Project Planning/ Scope of Work

The first step is to identify the goals of your survey based on your research questions. Now is also the time to define the characteristics of the population to be surveyed and set the project timeline.

Step 2: Study Setup

During this phase Cannon Survey Center programs the survey, obtains the sample list, coordinates any printing and mailing, and completes project-specific employee training.

Step 3: Data Collection

Our well-equipped data center allows us to collect and record responses via phone, internet, mail, or in person. Se habla Español.

Step 4: Data Export/ Processing

Clients can request a wide range of final deliverables including a data file, data analysis, and/or a final report with narrative and charts.

Need more information?

Please contact our Project Coordinator, Bridget Kelly, at or 702-895-5731 to discuss your project needs.