Services & Resources


  • Survey Design Consultation
  • Data Collection
  • Project Management
  • Data Entry & Coding
  • Descriptive Analysis
  • Report Writing


Our technological resources help us avoid human error while maintaining personalized interaction. They also help us analyze the information we gather to its maximum capacity, making it more helpful to you. 

These include:

  • A Computer-aided telephone interviewing (CATI) facility using WinCATI software by Sawtooth TechnologiesCATI technology recalls interview questions in programmable sequences and displays them for each interviewer on a computer monitor. Interviewers enter answers directly into the master database, which can be exported into SPSS or Excel format. The CATI system promotes scientific and technical rigor by eliminating a separate data entry step, thereby minimizing data processing errors. This technology also reduces interviewer errors because the CATI system controls the order in which questions are asked, skipping those that are not applicable to a particular respondent based on his/her earlier responses. Additionally, the CATI system automates the sample management process using a series of programmed settings to ensure accurate recall of numbers to be re-attempted. With the CATI system, CSC is able to design and execute surveys targeted at specific populations, and issue them in a timely manner. 
  • Qualtrics online platform to conduct web-based surveys. This program allows for controlled distribution and for reminders to be sent to non-responders. Similar to the CATI system, skip logic within surveys is automated so that respondents are only presented with questions that are appropriate to them based on previous responses. Data are able to be exported into Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS) or Excel format.
  • We also use SPSS to aid with descriptive statistical analyses.