Current Projects

Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance Survey (BRFSS)

The BRFSS is a large-scale nationwide public health survey that the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and state health departments use to identify emerging health problems, establish and track health objectives, and to develop, implement, and evaluate a broad array of disease prevention activities. The goal of the BRFSS is to improve the health of the American People.

On behalf of Nevada’s Department of Health and Human Services, the Cannon Survey Center at UNLV and the Nevada Center for Surveys, Evaluation, and Statistics at UNR collaborate to survey Nevada residents for the BRFSS.

If we contacted you to be interviewed, please consider participating in this important survey, as each person we contact has an important impact on the accuracy of the survey results. At the state level, these results are important to planning local health programs. We can make an appointment to accommodate your schedule, or conduct the survey in two or more sessions if needed. The length of the survey depends on your responses, but the average time to complete the survey is usually 20-25 minutes. You can return our call at (888)709-7689 (please be sure to have the specific study name and record number if this information was provided to you).

Where can I see more information about the BRFSS?

The data from this survey is published every year from the previous year at . The home page has a link for state-specific information on the bottom right.

If you have any questions, you may contact a supervisor at Cannon Survey Center at (888)709-7689, the Project Coordinator at Cannon Survey Center at (702)895-5731, or the Principal Investigator for UNLV, Dr. Sheniz Moonie at the School of Community Health Sciences at (702)895-5843.